Finance your new car with personal loan


Together you shared so much. Some scratches on the bodywork testify. When she’s struggling to start the winter mornings, you feel guilty for letting her sleep all night on the sidewalk across the street. It ages, and if you admit it? Maybe it’s time to offer you a better model?

When should you replace your car?

When should you replace your car?

It’s a reality, the older the car, the more costly the breakdowns are. It is undeniable, as the car advances in mileage and age, it is the whole system of parts that reaches the end of life and in particular, the most expensive parts.

All of these things at least give you a clear idea of ​​what you are willing to accept or not. It’s up to you to sort out the capital options for your comfort and the concessions you’re ready to make for your next acquisition.

Some tracks?

Some tracks?

Once you have established the skeleton of the vehicle of your dreams, several steps will allow you to benefit from significant discounts or benefits without diminishing its intrinsic performance.

Take advantage of repeat offers:

browse manufacturers’ websites, keep up to date with the various promotional activities organized and be on the lookout for discounts offered for the occasion. Web sites are teeming with information on this, but it is essential for it to follow the news of the automotive market.

Buy on the Internet via a proxy:

Private sales and other destocking exist in all areas, including the automobile! A golden opportunity to find business up to 40% of the original price. However, be careful to check the reliability of the site-sign recognized or validated by peers- and read the details (asterisk included!) Of the contract binding you to the seller to avoid disappointment.

Acquire used from an individual:

from classified ads in the press to dedicated websites on the Internet through the traditional local newspaper, the offer is vast and, in fact, varied. The major advantage of providing an opportunity is to be able to afford a more powerful model at a more affordable price. An excellent compromise between performance research and budget compliance. But here too, stay alert and ask for proof of repairs made …

To leave the borders:

More and more buyers are going abroad to buy their vehicles. A strategy that pays since savings between 2,000 and 3,000 € can be easily achieved.

How to finance your change of vehicle?

How to finance your change of vehicle?

If you want to buy a high-performance car and look for financing solutions, do not hesitate to contact a Cashimogu advisor without delay, who will be able to direct you and inform you according to your financial situation. With online simulation tools, you can also calculate the pace of your credit by obtaining all the necessary loan information: duration, fixed monthly payments, fixed rate, total cost of credit, etc. You will have a first answer of principle by realizing your request for credit.