Reflecting on Life

Thomas began reflecting on his life the week or so prior, and what he found was that things, or more aptly put, the series of recent moments that had made up his life, were not exactly straightforward.

reflecting photo

But, it was straightforward enough.  Grab a piece of paper and a pen.  Write down the things that didn’t go well.  Cross out

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A Cyclone Changed Everything

The very next morning Thomas awoke in a happy confusion as if he had been ensnared by a cyclone of positivity.

cyclone photo

It felt foreign.  It almost hurt.  And at first Thomas found himself pulling away from this new morning and trying to escape it, shield from it, as if running towards the more familiar depression that had helped usher in

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Old Fashioned Confidence

She moved about the world with a certainty that seemed old fashioned from a place deep in her spirit as if the confidence came from years and years of being this way and watching how others react to her presence.

old fashioned photo

The people around her seemed to play to her tune wherever she went.  Thomas only knew this because he followed

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A Strange Electrical Impulse

A strange electrical impulse began to clog the inner atmosphere of the Earth from all the bits and bytes that zoomed about the surface concentrating at the south and north poles. electrical impulse photo

Scientists hadn’t predicted this anomaly could occur until it began, and it was then that scientists began predicting the likelihood of the occasional electrical impulse to continue.

Overall, out

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Acid Reflux Caused Some Dizziness

As Thomas read the newspaper the information therein had a curious way of inciting acid reflux dizziness.  The worst thing imaginable was looking up, his eyes following the building contours that flowed three stories high in this neighborhood.

acid reflux photo

Sitting down he realized trees were no better.  Some kind of change had occurred inside him whereby these things incited pain like

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